Our Story

We are a family owned business and we started on this idea of Gourmet Popcorn over a year ago.  We did all the reserach we could.  What kind of equipment would we need?  Who produces the best popcorn kernel?  What kind of flavors are the most popular?  How can we offer the best popcorn with pure Gourmet flavors?

Well here we are several years later and we have everything in place.  We, of course, got excited when we first put all the equipment in place and started popping popcorn.  Some of our friends and family started sampling and we got them hooked.

We are always perfecting our recipes and always come to the conclusion the best Gourmet flavors come from the finest, natural ingredients around.

That is how our Caramel Espresso Crunch was born!!  Then we wanted something more than just salt in our Caramel.  We searched high and low for the Best Himalayan Sea Salt we could find.  Another awesome flavor born!  

We consider our Caramel flavors our signature, but with so many things that popcorn can be paired with we knew we had to keep creating.  We learned along the way that Gourmet Popcorn pairs wonderfully with home-crafted brews and remarkably, even with the finest of wines. 

We continue to keep perfecting our flavors and creating new ones every day.  We want to continue offering this absolutely delicious Gourmet Popcorn all over Tampa Bay and beyond.

Our research has shown us that many Wedding Planners are craving a new alternative for their brides.  We are working daily to create beautiful displays that delight wedding guests. 

We also want to work with local breweries, small delicatessens and cafes to offer our popcorn.  A treat that will enhance their offerings.

Finally our biggest achievement has been working with Marketing Reps in small and large businesses all over Tampa Bay, Florida to help them with their next Corporate party.  And, even better, Employee Appreciation snack packs.  What employee wouldn't appreciate a small token of appreciation at their desk..... a wonderfully decadent array of flavors with their own Company's logo and branding and a quick note that just simply says Thank You!!

As you can see we are continuing to work daily on our website to offer our finest products to the Tampa Bay marketplace!!!

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